North Beach American Film Festival

June 22-24, 2018

The NBAFF showcases the best in American Independent Film, spotlighting films that exhibit the multi-cultural and diverse aspects of American life. The festival will have its 2nd annual event June 22-24 2018 in the beautiful town of North Beach, Maryland. The event will hold 8 screening blocks, complete with two special presentation waterfront screenings at sunset as well as educational seminars and an awards ceremony. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to the Town of North Beach and the Twin Beach Players. ​Day Screenings and Events held at North Beach Town Hall - 8916 Chesapeake Ave, North Beach, MD 20714. ​Waterfront Screenings at Sally Donaldson Center - 9023 Bay Avenue North Beach, MD 20714.

7pm to dusk
Registration/Filmmaker Meet & Greet "Pier Party"

dusk to 10pm
NBAFF Opening Night Waterfront Selections:
"Nothing to Do"

10am TO 11:30am
NBAFF Free Family Screening Featuring:
"Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero"

​1200pm to 2pm
NBAFF Reel Stories:
"The Apple", "Grolier Poetry Book Shop - The last sacred place of poetry", "Generation", "Dog Parks and Coffee Shops: Diversity Seeking in Changing Neighborhoods"

230pm to 4pm
NBAFF American Tales:
"What If", "Derelict", "Two By Four", "Breaking Free", "Tippet", "Finding Sandy", "Lord of the Floors", "4.0", "Jack the Hypochondriac"

​430pm to 6pm
NBAFF Feature Presentation:
"I Like Me"

​dusk to 930PM
NBAFF Waterfront Shorts Selections Screening Featuring:
"Game", "JMaxx and the Universal Language", "Rumination", "All Over Again", "Best Little Coffee House in Maryland", "The Tracker"


11am to 1pm
Twin Beaches Presents: 2nd Annual North Beach American Film Festival Awards Brunch

2pm to 4pm
NBAFF Feature Presentation:
"Bill Evans Time Remembered"​
"Take Two"

430pm to 630pm
NBAFF Closing Film Selection:
"The Meek"

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North Beach American Film Festival