Beach Dredge

beach dredge

December 11, 2017: The town is continuing to work through the Federal and State permit process before the project can start. The project will also be re-bid this fall to achieve current numbers. The Corps of Engineers has issued their permit and MDE put the project on Public Notice October 13th. The Board of Public Works has approved the project upon payment of present fees.


November 1, 2017: The town is improving the swimming area of the beach front with a sand dredge planned for the 2018 season. As the tides roll in and out and with every storm, our beautiful beachfront sand erodes into the bay filling the two swimming areas on each side of the fishing pier. We are planning to make provisions before next season to pull approximately 2,500 cubic yards of sand from the two swimming areas and place it back onto the beachfront from where it came. This will create a deeper swimming area and a larger beach area. We are currently obtaining permits and approvals to perform the work. Town staff will be requesting bids to perform the work in the coming months.


The beach dredge project includes dredging in the waterway adjacent to the town beach on the north and south side of the town pier. The material dredged from the offshore area will be stockpiled and used for beach replenishment. The purpose of this project is to create a deeper swimming area and a larger beach area. The town is completing the process to obtain Federal and State permits for the dredging and beach replenishment work. Present plans call for the dredge work to be underway during the winter of 2018.