Berm / Flood Dike


December 8, 2017: The work has been completed on the flood dike and the surface water managemetn that is related to this area. The flood dike has been planted twice with proper plants and the area on the landward side of the dike has also been hydro seeded. This project has vastly improved this area in several ways. The town has received very positive press for educating youth in the area on these types of projects and the impact this will have on the environment for the future.


November 1, 2017: The flood dike project at the north end of town is nearing completion. The contractor, Environmental Concerns, has started working on the final portion of the project. This portion includes surface water drainage on the landward side of the flood dike, final grading and planting of the area.  Although it has been a long and drawn out process that has tried everyone’s patience, I am happy to report that the flood dike is doing what it was designed to do. On at least five separate occasions in August alone, tides were at a level that would have caused flooding in the 9th Street area, but with the flood dike in place this has been avoided. The marsh in this area is also coming back to life with the proper flushing that this project has allowed. The odor that used to be frequently present is pretty much gone.


The work on the berm/flood dike includes construction of about 1,000 feet of an earthen berm to protect the area north of 9th Street between Bay Avenue and Atlantic Avenue from higher than normal tidal events. The work includes restoration/stabilization of approximately 50,000 sq ft of vegetated wetland. At this time, the town's contractor, Environmental Concerns of St. Michaels, Maryland has completed the fill work for the dike west of the Annapolis Avenue right-of-way and are proceeding with plantings on the dike surface and in the disturbed areas on either side. Work will continue from May 2017 through July and August 2017 to complete the south and east sections of the dike.